About Us


As a freshman in high school, David Zamarin started his first real business venture servicing local university sports teams by cleaning, conditioning, and repairing their shoes. The conditioning service offered a repellent product that included a bottom coat and top coat, which cost $560. In addition to the product, $800 worth of protective gear needed to be ordered from the company. Unfortunately, David waited four months and never received his back-ordered product. 

Luckily, the business grew well, and David got an opportunity to sell it. Two weeks after, while thinking of his next business venture, David went online to research the repellent product that he never received. He came across their Safety Data Sheets and noticed that the product was carcinogenic and could cause birth defects if it were to come in contact with one's skin. After realizing this, David noticed that the repellent dried white and ruined fabrics. Immediately, he knew he caught a break and that there was a new problem to be solved. He began researching nanotechnology and came across things in nature that had repellent qualities. With no chemical background during the summer of his upcoming sophomore year of high school, David used Google religiously to engineer a formula that was safe and effective. 

That's when DetraPel and its mission were born.

Stop making your life harder with all of the countless cleanings that you simply cannot avoid when it comes to your beloved products. We believe in making your life easier and more enjoyable, which is why we developed a formula that will protect your fabrics and materials from getting wet and dirty so that you can enjoy them just like you did when you bought them. 

DetraPel is a superior hydrophobic liquid repellent spray that uses nanotechnology to repel almost anything off of almost any surface from water to mud. DetraPel sells 2oz bottles, which cover approximately 8 - 10 square feet (4-5 pairs of shoes) $12.99. Wholesale pricing is available for larger orders. DetraPel is 100% EPA-Compliant, biodegradable, Water based, Portable, and one application will last one year. It is also non-flammable, non-toxic, non-corrosive, UV resistant, rust resistant, and ice resistant.