Director of Marketing

Framingham, MA   •   Full-Time

This role is a full-time, in-person position responsible for growing DetraPel’s customer base through strategic marketing campaigns, optimizing digital advertising, improving SEO, and managing public relations. You will collaborate intimately with our core team of R&D, sales, and management to develop new market opportunities.

This position will have creative freedom to develop marketing plans from scratch. The nature of this role will provide immense growth opportunities and responsibilities within the company.


Strategic Marketing

  • Create marketing strategies within the first 4 weeks that will take the company through the following 6-12 months and will generate at least 30 monthly Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) as part of our B2B lead generation efforts
  • Build and implement Account Based Marketing campaigns resulting in a cumulative $1.25M, or greater, in new opportunities within the first 6 months
  • Collaborate with our sales department to implement new ABM campaigns and tactics to grow cumulative new opportunities to $2.5M, or greater, within the first 12 months
  • Continuously adapt, test, and iterate marketing strategies in a rapidly changing environment
  • Perform market research for new product launches and provide market insights for new product development in food packaging, textile, or other industries while presenting new market opportunities

Digital Advertising

  • Create paid ad and email campaigns resulting in a 20%, or greater, increase in email audience and website traffic MoM
  • Utilize website analytics, the latest growth strategies, and tools to increase D2C sales by 20%, or greater, MoM within the first 8 weeks
  • Develop PPC campaigns and optimize campaign effectiveness by 5% MoM across social media and other platforms
  • Implement best practices to continuously A/B test new messaging, creative, segmentation, and customer journeys to increase conversion rates and improve ROAS by 5% MoM, and decrease CAC by 5% MoM


  • Implement strategic content at least 4 times monthly to improve the positioning of the company and leadership as thought leaders in all of our company verticals
  • Develop a roadmap within the first 4 weeks that leverages content, develops backlink generation strategies, and optimizes keywords across on-page elements to achieve top search engine ranking
  • Execute on roadmap using analytical tools to optimize performance and improve our websites and Google Search organic ranking and domain authority score to at least 50 within the first 9 months


  • Build and manage our trade show program for the upcoming calendar year, including research, logistics planning, and pre/post trade show marketing strategies

Sales Channel Management

  • Build and upkeep product launch assets, pages, and listings for e-commerce platforms including, but not limited to,, and others
  • Create campaigns to drive sell-through in retail channels through traditional media, digital advertising, geotargeting, PDQ displayers, and more

Public Relations

  • Develop a PR strategy that accelerates paid and organic media attention through news outlets, online publications, and interviews within the first 3-4 months


  • A fun and rewarding place to work with a collaborative team environment
  • A company dog! – we are pet-friendly!
  • Unlimited PTO
  • Company healthcare benefits + vision + dental
  • Subsidized Life Time Fitness membership
  • Monthly team events
  • Performance compensation & stock options
  • Company-sponsored professional development fund


  • You have a can-do attitude and a positive approach to problem-solving
  • You like people and enjoy going above and beyond to help others
  • You have a high degree of creativity, organizational skills, project management skills, and attention to detail
  • You are willing to participate in continuous learning and training
  • You have at least 5 years of demonstrated experience in B2B/Industrial marketing
  • Bachelor’s Degree is preferred