Here’s Why…

Read or watch the real life story about the biggest chemical coverup


The Story Affects Your Life

PFAS chemicals are the subject of the book “Exposure” and the feature film “Dark Waters”, that is now playing in theaters nationwide. The film follows the true story of lawyer Rob Bilott who took on major chemical manufacturer, Dupont, after uncovering evidence that the company was knowingly dumping these toxic chemicals in our nation’s waterways.


Help Stop PFAS

Hazardous chemicals knows as PFAS, or “forever chemicals” are rapidly contaminating water and people across the globe. These dangerous chemicals are found in many household products and are linked to serious health effects such as birth defects and cancer. The sad truth is that many of our competitors still use these harmful toxins in their products.


Raise Awareness

By joining us in standing against the use of PFAS chemicals and helping to raise awareness about the fluorochemical crisis, you can be a part of the movement to end irresponsible manufacturing. That is why we’re giving away 50 signed books, and 20 movie tickets to see Dark Waters to encourage you to help spread the message! 


Thank you to everyone who applied and congratulations to our winners, who will all be receiving their own signed copy of Exposure!

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