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For decades, water and stain repellent coatings have contained fluorinated chemistry to repel moisture. Many of these formulas contain long chain carbon structures like C8, C6, and C4. These long carbon chain structures do not break down in nature and with new regulations, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has declared concerns about PFAS and their dangers to the humans, pets, and the environment.

DetraPel® is a water-based repellent finish that contains zero PFAS and our formulas have zero C8, C6, or C4 perfluorinated substances. Our advancements in nano-technology and unique methodologies separate us from the competition. DetraPel is non-toxic and performs in ways others do not.  From casual wear to commercial applications, including apparel, footwear, baby gear, work wear, upholstery, and carpet, a partnership with DetraPel® can improve the lives of people and help reduce unnecessary toxic chemicals in the environment.

Manufacturing Partnerships

DetraPel® can add water-repellent and stain-resistance properties to your fabrics at the factory.  Unlike most factory-applied treatments, DetraPel® is water-based, does not require heat curing, a special vapor process, or ventilation systems.  This makes DetraPel® a low-cost, low-liability addition to your existing manufacturing process.

and Athletics

and Rugs

and Textile

Furniture and 
Home Goods

Proven Performance

DetraPel® repels liquid and blocks stains unlike any other coating. Repellency tests can measure resistance of fabrics to wetting by water. ASTM testing protocols measure the angle of contact and rolloff resistance to a single water droplet. DetraPel® exceeds industry standard levels on many fabrics, making it one of the only superhydrophic coatings that does not contain fluorochemicals.  Don’t take our word for it.  See for yourself…

Comparison of droplets on a coated surface (left) and an untreated one (right). (Varanasi and Gleason research groups)


Testing of the coated surfaces shows that it gets a perfect score on a standard rain-repellancy test.  (Varanasi and Gleason research groups)

Service & Hospitality 

Upholstery Protectors


DetraPel Non-Toxic PFAS-Free Liquid & Stain Repellents



DetraPel Non-Toxic PFAS-Free Liquid & Stain Repellents


Carpet & Rug Protectors


DetraPel Non-Toxic PFAS-Free Liquid & Stain Repellents


DetraPel Non-Toxic PFAS-Free Liquid & Stain Repellents


DetraPel Non-Toxic PFAS-Free Liquid & Stain Repellents


If you’re a national brand, clothing manufacturer, retailer, or other business that sees a benefit in a partnership with DetraPel®, we’d love to hear from you.

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Together we can make most surfaces extraordinary. The DetraPel PFAS-free coatings provide consumers the protection they need while adding value to the products you make.