Powered purely by air – An ingeniously designed pressure control device and pure clean air.  We are redefining aerosol.


Propellent-Free Technology

Using innovative piston based technology, you can expect absolute ease of use and virtually no waste. Because there are no dangerous chemical propellants involved, each bottle is filled with 100% pure DetraPel®. In other conventional aerosol products, these dangerous chemicals are part of the propulsion, mixed in with the product, and make it flammable. With DetraPel®, there are no contaminants and chemicals for propulsion, just our innovative air distribution system. When we give you 5 ounces of product, we mean 5 ounces, no unnecessary mix-ins. In addition, our packaging is specifically designed to easily distribute 98% of the product, no need to shake and angle the bottle for that last drop. We guarantee you will get the full use out of every bit of DetraPel®

Powered by Air

DetraPel® Aerosol

Toxic Propellents

Traditional Aerosol


Reducing Our

We have reduced our carbon footprint by 30% compared to alternatives who continue to use conventional aerosols or BOV aerosols. Our packaging utilizes zero-waste PET plastic, which increases our recyclability.Whilst the bottle itself cannot be refilled and re-used, we are doing our best to make sure each bottle can at least be broken down and recycled. In addition, our bottles 100%-powered by AIR. We contribute to a safer environment with our products emitting zero harmful chemicals, CO2, and CFCs (Chlorofluorocarbons).