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Car seat, stroller, blanket, high chair, and changing table - They are all susceptible to stains and that awful smell of old milk, formula, or breastmilk. Your baby is adorable, sweet, and cute as a button, but these little people can create such a messy situation. Cleaning, pre-treating, washing, and laundry seems to be never-ending. Plus, some of these items seem impossible or difficult to clean. Protecting them with DetraPel® is easy.  Our formulas are non-toxic, contain no skin irritants, fragrances, dyes, alcohols, or parabens. They are safe to use on baby fabrics.  Imagine easily cleaning up all your baby’s spills and messes without the danger of using potentially harmful cleaners or doing another load of laundry. Spend more time bonding with your baby and less time cleaning up. Take the focus off the spilled milk and instead, master your peek-a-boos.