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These spray-on clothing & accessories protectors are safe, non-toxic, fluorine-free, and designed to repel liquids and blocks stains on almost any wearable fabric item.  Things like jackets, shirts, pants, dresses, ties, gloves, hats, and backpacks will not absorb messy mistakes like drinks, food, coffee, and dirt.  The easy to apply invisible barrier performs well on cotton, suede, wool, polyester, denim, silk, nylon, fur, spandex, suits and more. If you have an important dinner, first date, or job interview, DetraPel® will keep you looking clean, sharp, and feeling confident.  It is safe for use on delicate or dry-clean-only fabrics like silk and wool. It lasts up to 1 year on most surfaces and can be used safely around pets and children. Go through your busy day confidently knowing that DetraPel® has got you covered.  Let fashion meet function, finally.