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Shoes, sneakers, boots, running, athletic, dress, or casual - DetraPel® has a stain and shield spray protector that will guard footwear fabrics against the damage caused by rain, stains, salt, and dirt.  Performs on all shoes, materials, colors, and fabric types including suede, nubuck, cotton, polyester, mesh, nylon, leather, and canvas.  These materials can be easily treated to protect and block stain that make your look old.  Keep your kicks newer, and longer.  Go on a hike, spill a drink, or playing in a puddle, DetraPel® will keeps your footwear dry, looking fresh and new. A single application will protect up to 1 year,   There are no toxic ingredients, so it can be used safely around pets and children. Treat your feet by protecting with DetraPel® Shoe Fabric Protectors.