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At DetraPel®, we’re driven by one goal…  to protect what you love. Sounds simple? Sure. But this phrase means so much more than protecting the stuff you own. Is the cleanliness of your new white rug important to us? Of course! But at DetraPel® we know that the things that matter most deserve the greatest protection of all.That is why we’re doing everything we can to protect the 3P’s you love…


We care about YOU! Actually…  we care about us too. The truth is we want a better world for ALL people and our business practices are a great place to start. Our guiding philosophy lies in our commitment to provide non-toxic protective coatings that do not contain harmful chemicals. By providing safer solutions, we can ensure that you enjoy the special moments in life without the fear of messes, and more importantly, the fear of dangerous toxins. And hey, less time spent cleaning, means more time shared with the people you love. Sounds like a win to us!



All life is precious and pets, like people, deserve safer and happier homes. We love our furry friends which is why we want them to live in natural, clean habitats and environments. Other leading fabric protectors contain fluorochemicals which cause negative health risks and can result in gastrointestinal signs (e.g., drooling, vomiting, diarrhea, etc.) when ingested by your pet. Through DetraPel’s better product offerings, you can protect your household fabrics without endangering the well-being of your favorite animals. That means more pet kisses, and less slobber to clean up!


We’re passionate about protecting your home. Not just the one you come back to after a long day of work, but also your most valuable home, the one we all share… our planet. As the environmental crisis deepens, we see a responsibility to remain vigilant in our business practices and to help protect what’s irreplaceable. Through our formulations, packaging solutions and propellant-free delivery systems we work to ensure less toxins are being introduced into our air and waterways. And by prolonging the life of your items, you too, contribue to change by reducing the waste that ends up in overflowing landfills. Team work makes the dream work!

We’re people against toxins.

We stand by creating safer solutions and reject the use of harmful PFAS chemicals which are found in many household products. These fluorochemicals have direct links with cancer, birth defects and other negative health risks. Here’s what you need to know to protect yourself and your loved ones from these carcinogenic toxins. 

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