DetraPel VIRUSHIELD™ Technology

VIRUSHIELD™ is DetraPel’s new patent-pending, revolutionary, protective coating technology designed for textiles that creates a breathable, and superhydrophobic barrier which repels large respiratory droplets and can trap smaller virus-containing microdroplets preventing their transmission through VIRUSHIELD™ protected surfaces. 

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virushield technology

Make Your Fabric Mask as Effective as a Surgical-grade N95

Airborne viruses such as SARS-CoV-2 are primarily transmitted through respiratory droplets. N95 respirators block the transmission of 95% of these droplets while fabric face masks typically block 40%-60%. In a study by Northeastern University, applying DetraPel Fabric & Clothing Protector with VIRUSHIELD™ Technology to fabric face masks significantly increases their effectiveness, and produced filtration efficiency equivalent to that of a surgical-grade N95 respirator. 


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Water Penetrates Untreated Fabric Mask
DetraPel treated mask repels liquid droplets
DP-HC Kona Cotton as effective as N95 with DetraPel viruShield Technology Fabric Protection
DP-AD Kona Cotton as effective as N95 respirator with DetraPel viruShield Technology Fabric Protectors

Fluorescent micrographs taken at 20x magnification show, virus-like nanoparticles trapped in cotton fibers treated with DetraPel.
Source: Northeastern University, College of Engineering

Breathable Comfort
+ Protection that Lasts

Using the latest advancements in nanotechnology, DetraPel’s VIRUSHIELD™ provides protection from pathogen-carrying aerosol droplets at the nanoscale that is safe to wear and keeps fabric masks light and breathable for maximum comfort throughout the day.

Protect the outer layer of your mask for an added layer of protection that remains breathable
PFAS molecule

PFAS Chemicals Lower Vaccine Effectiveness

Unlike the competition, DetraPel Fabric Protectors are non-toxic and PFAS-free so you can wear your fabric mask confidently knowing that your face covering is keeping you safe in more ways than one!

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